Bike Furniture Design

UTR-Webmaster Episode 104

(906) 361-2483
P.O. Box 11, Marquette, MI 49855

In the afternoon we met up with Andy Gregg from Bike Furniture Design, a U.P. bike enthusiast who makes very artistic and very functional furniture out of used bicycle parts. At first I didn’t know what to expect, but when I saw his stuff I was impressed and amazed. This isn’t junky stuff; it’s modern, high-design furniture that Andy is selling around the world. When you first see his work, it’s not immediately obvious that the components are elements from bygone bikes, but when you look closely, his pieces instantly bring a smile to your face.

When Andy was a young bike mechanic, he would gaze at the piles of bike parts that would accumulate in the corner of the shop and wonder what he could do with all the discarded stuff. Well, he brainstormed while riding and came up with his calling. While we were in town, a number of his pieces were on display at the Marquette Public Library. There were stools, chairs, loveseats and coffee tables, all tempered from timed-out two-wheelers.

If you want a coffee table that people will admire more than the books you put on it, get in touch with Andy Gregg. I wonder what he could make out of Pee Wee Herman’s bike?