Biggby Coffee

UTR-Webmaster Episode 113

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Scientific research has proven that the urge for a good cup of coffee is so powerful in the human brain, that if you don’t get it, you could quite possibly go insane. Actually, I made that up, but if you love good coffee like I do, it’s not far from the truth.

Bob Fish (aka Biggby Bob) is the founder and CEO of the Lansing-based Biggby Coffee chain. He took his love of coffee and combined it with his love for Michigan to create one of the fastest-growing and most successful businesses in the Midwest. Bob got his appreciation for a good cup of coffee in Europe. When he came back to the states, he saw that the American mindset was trending toward quality, not quantity and decided to introduce them to a great cup of coffee. Thanks to pioneers like Biggby Bob, a lot of food producers are returning to traditional methods, which is why things like bread, beer, wine and now coffee are so much better than they used to be.

Bob fell in love with Michigan while attending Michigan State University. As he put it, Michigan is earnest, honest, hardworking and an absolutely beautiful place to live. The corporate culture at Biggby Coffee is also outstanding. Everyone, including Bob, takes a turn working the phones at the front desk. It’s a great way to get personally connected to your customers. Bob is also an avid social networker. You won’t find a more fun and engaging website or Facebook presence than Biggby Coffee.

Bob is also known to occasionally show up at Biggby locations to sip some joe with the locals, so next time you stop by a Biggby Coffee for a fresh warm cup, keep an eye out for Bob. You won’t meet a nicer guy anywhere.