Battle Creek by Bike – Bcycle

UTR-Webmaster Episode 705

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Bcycle is now a part of Battle Creek with three locations. Look for the Bcycle symbol at Burnham Brook, Kellogg Community College, and the River Walk Centre.

Now, if you want to explore a city … a great and fun way to do it is by bicycle … and here in Battle Creek, they’re made it real easy for ya.

And that’s because at these handy dandy B bike share stations, you can grab a bike and go. Heck … I even grabbed John Hart … a bona fide Battle Creek expert to help me wrap my head around this cool downtown.

So, John and I checked out a couple bikes and set out to explore and learn more about this great city.

My time with John wheeling around town gave me a great perspective ‘on’ and some genuine motivation ‘to’ visit Battle Creek again … and heck … I haven’t even left yet. Good job John!