B. Nektar Meadery

UTR-Webmaster Episode 212

(313) 744-6323
1505 Jarvis, Ste. B, Ferndale, MI 48220

Speaking of things that are sticky, at our last stop in Ferndale, we discovered you can do a lot more with honey than just spread it on toast. Brad and Kerri Dahlhofer own the B. Nektar Meadery, and they’re making mead where no mead has been made before.

If you need a refresher course on what exactly mead is, it’s an ancient alcoholic drink made from fermented honey, and it’s thought to be one of the oldest adult beverages known to man. It’s considered by many to be the ancestor of all fermented drinks.

Brad started off brewing his own beer as a hobby, which turned into a calling. He happened upon a chapter on mead in the back of a beer book, and the wheels were set in motion. His meads started getting so good that with his wife Kerri’s encouragement, they took a drink of mead, a leap of faith and turned this part-time pastime into a fulltime Michigan success story.

What do B. Nektar meads taste like? Well, these aren’t your great-great-great-great-great grandfather’s meads. Yes, they do make traditional meads like Orange Blossom and Wildflower, but with other honey beverages like Zombie Killer, Funky Monky and Dwarf Invasion, you can bet your taste buds will be shocked and thrilled. At B. Nektar they make a whole variety of honey beverages with tastes as different as people. Some sweet, some dry, but all out of this world.

It’s no wonder B. Nectar Mead is spreading from Michigan around the world. Everyone who tastes Brad’s mead becomes mead-merized. For an absolutely unique and awesome taste experience, B. Nectar should definitely “B” on your A list.