Ask the Professor

UTR-Webmaster Episode 704


Do you ever think you know more than you know? It’s not usually a problem with me … but if you like the occasional cerebral challenge … and you’d like to be part of radio history … have I got a game show for you!!

Ask the Professor is a fun and quirky radio quiz show that’s been broadcast continuously out of University of Detroit Mercy since way back in the 1950s. It’s simple … just send in your questions … and see if you can stump the panel.

Matt Mio is the host of the show … and he along with his muscular minded panel of pondering professors stand ready to answer all oncomers questions. Well … At least they hope !

Matt was awesome … not only did he give me some great tips before going on the air … he also reassured me that I didn’t need to leave my head to science … cuz the already had one. So, as the panel of professors took their place … we let the games began.

As the show went on … this enthusiastic group of academics made it real obvious why this program has survived for so many years. Believe me … this WAS as much fun as it looks … and if you can find it … it makes for a fun and fascinating listen. If you occasionally like to nudge your noggin … stimulate your cerebrum with a rousing round of Ask the Professor at Detroit Mercy. Who knows … I might be on again … and that way you’ll win or sure?