Art’s Tavern

UTR-Webmaster Episode 304

(231) 334-3754
6487 Western Ave., Glen Arbor, MI 49636

There is a ton of art in Glen Arbor, but I think this Art was there first. Art’s Tavern has been an institution in these parts for a lot more years than I’ve even been on the planet. If you’re looking for a casual place to eat, drink and rub elbows with the locals, pull up your sleeves, because they’re all at Art’s.

Tim Bar is the proud proprietor of Art’s Tavern (funny, a guy named “Bar” owning a tavern) and he’s carrying on a great local tradition there. Since the 1930s, Art’s has been the place all the locals went to. Tim worked there in the 70s, came back to buy it from Art himself and is only the third owner since prohibition.

In the olden days, cottage owners would come up on a Friday evening, turn on the heat at the cottage, and come to Art’s for dinner and drinks while their places warmed up. Nowadays Tim said people punch a few buttons on their cell phones and their cottages warm up automatically. One thing hasn’t changed though. They all still come to Art’s for a good time.

Art’s Tavern is one of those colorful little local hangouts where you can warm up, cool down, fill your belly, wet your whistle and meet or make good friends. We made a lot of new friends, left real full and plan to go back real soon.