Anvil Goods / Mercy Supply

UTR-Webmaster Episode 706

Anvil Goods:

Mercy Supply:
634 Wealthy Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI

You know … it really does my heart good when I see old people doing young things … but when young people do old things … that’s old school cool …

In this day and age where so many things have become virtual, digital, impersonal and mass produced … it’s great to see young people moving forward by taking a couple steps back. And the artistry and authenticity of hand crafted local artisan offerings … is making an awesome comeback.

Meet Rusty Zylstra … a local leather worker who started Mercy Supply and turned his hobby into a nationally known brand … and also meet William Campbell … founder of Anvil Goods … where he and his wife Megan handcraft wood and metal to make one-of-a-kind furniture and fixtures. This is youth … reenergizing a lost art ….

So if you like a personal touch given to the things you buy … buy’em from the local artisans who actually touch them. There’s nothing more satisfying that knowing who actually made them … and knowing that you just did something good for your community.