Anna’s House

UTR-Webmaster Episode 318

(616) 361-8500
3874 Plainfield, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

If you want breakfast, you could come over to my house (not recommended), but if you want a really good breakfast, you should probably go to Anna’s House.

You won’t find an actual Anna at Anna’s House restaurant, but what you will find are some of the most inventive and downright delicious morning and midday meal creations this side of the equator. Rean Amato and Josh Beckett worked hard to put together both a menu and a staff whose sole purpose is to get you to leave this place saying one simple word: WOW!

Rean is the heart and soul of the kitchen. She’s a self-taught chef who loves to experiment with unusual flavors and food combinations. She loves food so much that she literally dreams about it at night and dreams up some of her best recipes.

All the food at Anna’s is made from scratch, and loyal fans of the restaurant describe the food as “ridiculously outstanding.” From the eggs benedict to the massive breakfast burrito, everything looked great.

So after we were done looking, we did what we do best on UTR and got down to the business of tasting. And as Rean brought out dish after incredible dish, we suddenly realized that the feeling amongst the crew was absolutely unanimous. When all was said and we were done, what everyone told us was true. This place rocked it!

So, what do I really have to say about Anna’s House? Simple: WOW!