Airtime Trampoline Park

UTR-Webmaster Episode 308

(248) 918-0909
662 E. Big Beaver Rd., Troy, MI 48083

Life is full of ups and down, especially at Airtime Trampoline Park in Troy. Airtime is the perfect name for this place, because in the air is where you’re gonna spend most of your time. It’s an all-ages trampoline park that just might be the most fun you’ll have, ever! This place is huge. It’s about the size of a big grocery store and is wall-to-wall trampolines. You can jump from one end to the other uninterrupted. Crazy cool!

Pam and Will Wannamaker brought their energy and this great idea to Michigan for all of us to enjoy. They looked for a suitable place to open their first park, and after looking all over the United Sates, they picked Troy. Pam told us that they loved the people they encountered in Michigan and that they really wanted to be part of the bounce back of Detroit. Nice!

Not only will you find wall-to-wall trampolines at the park, they also have high-flying hoops you can play, a huge dodge ball court on tramps and even a giant pit of foam you can fly into with reckless (yet safe) abandon. The place is great for kids and couples, and believe it or not, they’ve even had a couple weddings there, jumping for joy as it were.

If you’re looking to get silly and have a serious good time, hop on over to Airtime in Troy. Just don’t eat fifteen sliders before you do. Just sayin’.