After 26 Depot

UTR-Webmaster Episode 508, Episode 707

(231) 468-3526
127 W Cass St, Cadillac, MI 49601

Welcome to the After 26 Depot… a train station that may not take trains anymore … but what it does do is train special needs adults, by giving them a meaningful and rewarding place in the community. Yea … it’s a restaurant alright … but, it’s a restaurant that’s doing the right thing.

Andrew MacDonald and David Gaunt are two of the passionate people who helped turn this wonderful idea into an eatery that’s changing some very special lives.

They say that food brings people together. Well add a noble cause to that and you bring an entire community together.

I tell you, there are so many great things about this place that I can’t even begin to count them, so all I’ll say is that next time you’re passing through Cadillac and you’re looking for a meal that’ll warm your heart and your stomach, look no further than the After 26 depot.