A.M. Galleries

UTR-Webmaster Episode 206

(231) 845-6648
115 W. Ludington Ave., Ludington, MI 49431

One thing I’ve discovered doing this show is that Michigan is all about art, and local artist Andy Thomas is all about Ludington. He owns A.M. Galleries in town, and he gives local artists everything they need to succeed. I always said that if you want to know more about the pulse and personality of a community, talk to some of the local artists. Andy has helped create and accelerate the growing art culture in Ludington. It’s become a movement that’s moving artists to Ludington and turning this area into the art Mecca for Michigan’s middle mitten.

Creative, motivated people like Andy Thomas made us glad we came to Ludington… and even gladder he’s doing his thing right here in Michigan. If you want to see some incredible art and hang out with some of the talented people who create it, check out A.M. Galleries.