515 Gallery

UTR-Webmaster Episode 302

(989) 386-4175
515 N. McEwan St., Clare, MI 48617

Since we were full of good eats, I thought we’d top it off with some good arts. So we stopped by 515 Gallery and found out that Kim Kleinhardt is teaching kids there to be more than just artists; she’s teaching them how to own a gallery and run a business.

At 515, students from Claire High School do everything from writing the business plan to the accounting to picking the artists featured in the gallery. With training like that, they could eventually eliminate starving artists. The entire community loves and supports these efforts because it also brings a wide and diverse variety of art to town. From abstract oils to incredible stained glass exhibits, the students learn and the town expands its appreciation for the arts.

If you get a chance to stop by 515 Gallery, you’ll see some of the talented young people who continue to put Clare on the map and make it one of Michigan’s best small towns to visit.